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We (I) couldn't take not having animals anymore, (it doesn't look like we'll be getting a dog anytime soon!), so we decided to get on the RSPCA website and had a look for a pair of bunnies that might be in need of a new loving home.

We always had rabbits when I was growing up, and out last rabbit Barley was such a character (plus it's the only animal other than Rosie that Jason has actually liked!), I thought it might be a good idea for rabbits to be our first pets together.

We came across the cutest mini lops called Goldie and Copper on the Ashley Heath RSPCA site. They are mother (Goldie) and son (Copper) who had been at the rescue centre since Christmas waiting for their forever home together. Goldie had been found along with her bunny rabbit husband at the bottom of a lady's garden, Goldie then had babies. The lady decided to keep two of the babies and hand in Copper along with Goldie and her bunny husband to the RSPCA.

My parents where down for the weekend, and we were out at the local farmer's market picking up some supplies when I got the call that we could go and collect them, they need a bit of tender loving care as they're not used to being handled, but I'm sure they're going to make great additions to the Cluitt/Green household, plus we can let them run around the garden so we won't have to mow it quite so much!

I've left them to it for their first night in their new home (a beach hut inspired pastel mint green and white hutch) but they seem to be settling in well, stay tuned for bunny updates . . .

A very fluffy Goldie

And a very shy Copper

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