Carrot cake . . .

By 7:25 pm ,

This weekend Jason's parent came over to help with the new(er) car and to also help fix the lights, that have been on our 'to fix' list for nearly two years, I'm pleased to say the lights are now fixed, finally! As a big thank you we decided to make a carrot cake, I've not made or eaten one in a long time, as I cannot stand cream cheese frosting, bleurgh! I used a recipe out of the very first Great British Bake Off book. Instead of making two sponges, we made one large one, obviously this nearly doubled the cooking time, and half way through I had to put some foil over the top to stop it from burning, but it was cooked to perfection!

It's one of the most moist cakes I think we've ever made, even after only a day, next time I'd like to leave it a few more before devouring it.

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