The Dandy-Lion Bakery first order . . . done and dusted!

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Thursday evening after I'd got home from work saw me undertake quiet a task in our small but perfectly formed kitchen, baking 48 breakfast muffins, comprising of 24 Carrot and Sultana, 24 Banana, Pecan and Oat. I'm pleased to say it all went rather well, that was until the recipes, which I'd already doubled, failed to make the required 24 of either flavour, resulting in another round of weighing and mixing to make half batches of both flavours. This turned out to be much more complicated and tiresome than first thought, as by this point, after a rather hectic day at work, and a tad sleep deprived, my brain had pretty much given up for the night, but I powered on through, and with a little helping hand from Jason I was very pleased with the end result.

The muffins where then presented in two willow baskets, filled with raffia, and then cellophane wrapped (easier said than done given the size of the baskets) and then topped off with an 'Eat me' tag detailing the flavours of each basket. I had wanted to get woven baskets or trugs that were big enough to hold all of the muffins without the need to stack them, unfortunately I couldn't find one.

I'm now keeping everything crossed that they were okay for consumption this morning. I decided to bake them on Thursday evening, and then kept them in air tight containers overnight and packaged them in my lunch break, so hopefully they should of been okay, especially considering the amount of banana and carrot that both flavours had in them! Fingers crossed . . .

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