Easter Bank holiday explorations . . .

By 2:12 pm

I ended up in the lovely Molly's Den again yesterday, I was eager for Jason to see the vintage loveliness that is Molly's Den and show him some beautiful pieces of furniture I'd seen on my initial visit. I came out with a lovely vintage jar that is to be the new home for all of my ribbons, as they're currently spilling out of the one I'm currently using.

I'm hoping to get some spray pain or something similar so that I am able to colour the lid in a lovely pastel shade, as it's currently looking a bit tatty, but for £1 one can't really complain!

Jason invested in this beautiful decanter, for our bar, it's already in use, decanting his tipple of choice Amaretto, all for the bargain price of £20!!! 

Mollie's Den are holding a vintage market to mark the launch of the new warehouse over the road, unfortunately I'm going to be in London, so we'll have to make a date in the diary for when we are both free to go over and have a look, hopefully we'll be in our new place by then, and I'll actually be able to invest in some of the furniture I've got ear marked!

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