Weekend baking session . . .

By 9:34 pm ,

This weekend has been eventful to say the least, and to cap it all off I had an afternoon of baking to prepare me for the week ahead . . . bliss!

This Bakewell tart i made from the first Great British Bake Off cookbook using a Mary Berry recipe. I deviated slightly using crushed whole almonds, opposed to the flaked almonds specified. It was absolutely delicious, the frangipane sponge was so light, and the pastry cooked to perfection, no soggy bottom in sight :)

I had some short crust pastry left over so decided to put it to good use and made some mini Bakewell tarts using the Blueberry tart recipe from the second Great British Bake Off book, replacing the blueberry jam for raspberry and then using a traditional glace cherry on top instead of a fresh blueberry. I rolled the pastry a little too thick but apart from that, they were delicious, hopefully everyone in the office tomorrow will think so too!

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