Craft room

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The second bedroom is on it's way to becoming a proper craft room, it's the one room in the house that has needed more work than any other. 

Unfortunately I drew the short straw in the spare room stakes and got the smallest one which has a large square cube in the corner of the room that goes over the stairs. 

We decided to use it as part of the base support for my desk. We bought a sheet of MDF and 3 oak bannister poles from B&Q which we attached to the unsupported end.

I then tacked a padded material onto the top of the table, and then a matt oilcloth on top. To secure the table to the top of the cube we used a strong bonding adhesive which worked wonders.

As you can tell from the above image I wasted no time in getting all my crafty bits of the many boxes and bags, although I desperately need to have a bit of a tidy!

I then got Jason to put up some of my Belle & Boo prints as well as some cross stitch patterns that I'd done (both the fox and woodland sampler cross stitch patterns are available from Penelope Wait's shop on Etsy) and a cute beach hut scene by Sea-Saw Design.

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