A New Year and a New Start

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It seems like an eternity since I've updated my blog, it has been somewhat of a busy six months. We've moved out of our teeny tiny one bed flat and into a three bed semi-detached house, been frantically making numerous presents for family members for Christmas and busy with work, which has left little time for my blog.

Our house finding journey was unfortunately not a straight forward process with four months spent at Jason's very kind parents, as we struggled to find a house to transform after we'd exchanged on the flat. It seemed like we would never find our home, we where about to give up and re-enter the world of renting when we finally found 'the one' a three bed semi-detached house in need of a some TLC.

We finally moved in on the 8th November. Two van loads and numerous trips in the car we are finally all moved in and exhausted after having my family over for Christmas. Since moving in we've had a frantic six and a bit weeks sourcing beds, a dining table, light fittings and carpet to name but a few to transform the house into our home, and I think we just about managed it!

Below is a snap of the front of house, it's a work in process which will probably take a few years but it will be an adventure with a lot of redecorating! We've not dared to pull back the lining paper that is on ALL of the walls, for fear of the need to re-plaster everywhere, and we're eagerly awaiting the return of warmer drier weather so that we can spruce up our sorry looking front and back gardens.

Keep checking back for more progress updates, I'll also put up all of the pretty things we've sourced and any amazing finds that I discover from now on (I can't wait!!!!)

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