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I couldn't resist giving Project Life (by Becky Higgins for American Crafts) a go, inspired by all of the lovely creations I'd seen on Pinterest,, and after some research for work. 

I made an 'Adventure book' for Jason after watching the Pixar film 'Up!'. However, over the past few years it has been somewhat neglected so I decided to update it and give it some love and attention and transform it into something we can add to and look back on in years to come.

After picking up the photos from our recent holiday to Cornwall, I decided it was as good a place as any to start . . . 

I LOVE(!!!!) glitter card at the moment, not quite sure why . . . but it went well with my chosen colour scheme.

I am obsessed with rub on's at the moment (I've been using some by American crafts called Mini Marks) they look great on tracing paper and then overlaid on top of the image.

I've also been experimenting with the tracing paper to create 'pockets' that then hold sequins or confetti. I have made these by stitching along three sides of the card and then adding my message using the rubs on's, add the sequins and then sew the pocket up.

More tracing paper experimentation's . . . this time I used the paper to overlay onto an image and stitched it in place using my sewing machine. I just really liked how the image looked behind it.

I then moved onto transferring all of the pages from the old 'Adventure Book' into the new one . . .

I used wrapping paper for the background of this page from one of Jason's Birthdays.

I've got some many wooden alphabet stamps I decided to put them to good use to annotate some of the pages.

Love these stick on letters!!! (from Hobbycraft)

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