Christmas Card Making

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This year I've made it my mission to make my own Christmas cards, as I won't be giving too many handmade presents this year. I decided to replicate one of the cards I worked on for Hobbycraft's Christmas shoot. . . 

 Here's how to make your very own sparkly Christmas tree card . . .

To make these cards you'll need -
* Card blanks
* Christmas scrapbooking papers
* Double sided tape
* Tacky glue
* Green + brown felt
* Gold self adhesive star
* Invisible thread + needle
* Christmas sentiment
* Scissors

Step one - start by covering your card blank with your chosen paper. I always use double sided tape as there's no drying time, and keeps everything nice and secure.
Step two - cut tree shapes out of the green felt and small rectangles from the brown felt (this will be the trees trunk).
Step three - thread your needle with a length of the invisible thread and make a knot on the end. Stitch one sequin on at a time over the green felt tree.

Step four - Once you've added all of your sequins, apply a thin line of tacky glue on one of the short sides of the brown pieces of felt and secure to the back of the green felt tree at the base, centrally. Leave to dry (around 10 minutes should do the trick).
Step five - Cover the back of the tree and trunk with the tacky glue and place centrally on the card. Leave until completely dry.
Step six - secure the glitter star to the top of the tree, and place your Christmas sentiment centrally at the base of the tree. Voila! you have yourself a Christmas card!

For lots more Christmas card designs, make sure to check out my post on the Hobbycraft blog, here.

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