More Christmas Card Making . . .

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These are some more cards that I made for the Hobbycraft Christmas shoot, however this time round I've scaled them up onto a square card.

Here's how to make your own 3-D Christmas Tree Card . . .

To make these cards you'll need . . . 
* Card blanks
* Christmas scrapbooking papers
* Kraft brown paper/card
* Glitter star topper
* Scissors
* Double sided tape

Step one - start by covering your card blank with your chosen paper. I always use double sided tape as there's no drying time, and keeps everything nice and secure.
Step two - Cut two triangles out of the kraft brown card and fold in half. On one of the triangle halves apply some double sided tape. Peel off the backing and secure in place.
Step three - on the remaining triangle and on the opposite half apply double side tape and secure in place, lining it up with the first triangle that you stuck down.
Step four - stick the glitter star topper in place.

The finished cards . . .

For lots more Christmas card designs, make sure to check out my post on the Hobbycraft blog, here.

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