Easter cake . . .

By 11:03 pm

I have been wanting to make an Easter cake since last Easter, so this year I got my ingredients in early and made this beast of a cake from Lisa Faulkner's cookery book 'Recipes from my Mother to my Daughter'. 

I was amazed at how many raisins and other dried fruits this cake took, containing 1kg of raisins alone! I thought I may have been a little heavy handed with the Brandy when initially mixing, and then feeding the cake with additional brandy before final assembly, thankfully there is no overwhelming brandy taste. The inside of the cake is incredibly moist, due to the assembly of the cake before baking, spooning half of the mixture into the cake tin, then inserting a disc of marzipan and then the remaining mixture on top.

The cake was then cooked in the oven for 3 hours and then left to cool completely. I then wrapped the cake in baking paper and cling film, before placing in an air tight container to seal in all of the moisture from the fruit, brandy and marzipan. 

Today both Jason and I completed the decoration of the cake with the final disc of marzipan which was then topped with marzipan balls, depicting the 12 disciples minus Judas. The cake was then put under the grill, making the marzipan bubble and crisp up; I've now discovered that marzipan tastes amazing warm!

We couldn't resist the cake once we'd finished decorating it, and both had a slice. The base and sides were a little dry but the inside was incredibly moist and moreish, definitely a recipe to be made again next year, although maybe with a little more finesse when it comes to the decorating of the cake, as it doesn't have quite the finish I was hoping for. . . practice makes perfect!

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