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One of the ladies at work asked if I would make her a chocolate birthday cake,  I jumped at the chance to do a little recipe research and bake something a little different. In the end, after some tough decision making from both myself and Jason, I chose the 'Ultimate Chocolate Cake' from Ed Kimber's 'The Boy Who Bakes'. I've never made ganache before, probably not the best thing to be doing for the first time when you're making a cake for someone else, but I'm pleased to say it tasted AMAZING! And wasn't as complicated as I'd first envisioned.

Never before have I put so many calories into one cake, using buttermilk instead of my usual semi-skimmed, as well as adding two and a half bars of plain chocolate, double cream and golden syrup, and most of that went into the chocolate ganache!

In total the cake had three sponge layers with the ganache between each. I then coated the cake all over with the chocolate delicious-ness and sprinkled chocolate curls around the edge, for a more grown up, sophistic looking cake.

My icing and palette knife technique could definitely do with some practice, with my version of the cake looking a little rough around the edges, whereas the picture in the book was seamless . . . a perfect excuse to bake another one I think!

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