Blueberry bakewells . . .

By 9:40 pm ,

Today was my birthday, and it's tradition at work to bring in cakes either on your birthday or the week of, and as I was working I decided to take mine in today. I fully capitalised on the opportunity and made a banana loaf cake, gingerbread animals (and dinosaurs for Jason) and some blueberry bakewells, which I've been wanting to test out for ages!

I am so pleased with the outcome, I was a little concerned as the pastry seemed like it had too much butter in it, and couldn't be handled very much or would fall out of shape, which made it difficult putting the cut out discs into the baking tray, but they came out fine . . . 

Next time I make these I'm going to try using smooth blueberry jam as opposed to jam with whole blueberries in, as they was some overspill that you can see from the images.

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