Christmas Wreath Making

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Here's how to make your own glitter star wreath . . . 

To make this wreath you'll need . . .
* PVA glue
* Pearl head pins
* Wooden stars
* Hairspray
* Gold glitter
* Twine
* Paintbrush
* Scissors
* Glue gun
* Polystyrene wreath base

Step one - cover the polystyrene wreath bath using twine, wrapping it around and using pearl head pins to secure the ends of lengths on the back of the wreath.
Step two - start by covering the wooden stars with PVA glue and then sprinkling with a layer of the glitter. Leave for a few moments and then tap off the excess. Leave to dry completely.
Step three - once the wooden glitter stars have dried cover with a fine layer of hairspray (this will help to keep the glitter in place!), then use a hot glue gun to secure them to the twine covered wreath.

Step four - cut a length of twine and secure to the back of the wreath and then attach to your chosen door. I secured mine by positioning the wreath on the front of the door and then tying the twine to the handle on the back of the door.

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