Hello . . .

By 11:22 pm

It has been an age since I posted anything on my blog, and has suffered a bout of neglect on my part, I promise there has been a very valid reason, a lot has happened in this past month; we've finally sold the flat, and are now looking for our new home, which is proving somewhat of a challenge! We've therefore been very busy using our evenings and weekends to scour the local property market for a characterful gem of a house, of which we have yet to stumble upon, although I'm sure our perfect house is out there somewhere just waiting for us to find it :)

I've also got a new job!!! :) I am now a part of the Marketing team, which I am extremely excited about, although I am very sad to be leaving the People Team, I had a wonderful surprise on my last day, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, they smelt divine! And are just how I envisage the garden at our new home to look . . . 

All in all it been a busy month, however I have made a vow to myself to blog at least once a week until we find our new home, and then once we're settled get more of a regular schedule going with all of our baking experimentations, crafty makes and all the places new places we have visited on our travels, watch this space!

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