Toffee Apple delicious-ness . . .

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Not quite content at filling the freezer solely with bread this weekend, Jason and I tried out a new recipe from the GBBO Showstoppers cookbook; toffee apple and pecan steamed sponge pudding. There was quite a bit of apple in this recipe which usually means its a no-go as Jason doesn't like apple or nuts, but seeing as the whole thing is smothered in toffee yumminess he decided he would give it a go. And to my great surprise he actually liked it!

However, the bake didn't quite go to plan. It takes a mammoth  two and a half hours to steam in a pan on the hob, and when the time was up it still wasn't quite ready, so we cheated a little bit and popped it in the microwave for 4 minutes. 

It tasted absolutely delicious! Although maybe a little less toffee sauce next time, and a few more pecans!

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