Turkey & Ham tangle pie . . .

By 9:08 pm

The past year has flown by, and I feel I've somewhat neglected my blog in recent months what with one thing and another and the Christmas/New Year festivities. Both Jason and I have vowed that this year will be the year we'll get things done, first on our list is putting plans in place to start our own baking business, and I was lucky enough to receive a bread making day for Christmas (expect a blog post on this at the beginning of February!) so we've made a good start! 

We've also vowed to (fingers crossed) move flat and hopefully into a house, or failing that at least a two bedroom flat with a garden, I can then finally have my own craft room/guest bedroom, and we can have a bigger kitchen to make more cakes and other sweet treats, and maybe even be able to get a dog or rabbit.

Another resolution is to be more experimental and eat healthier, so this weekend we decided to make the Tangle pie from the Hairy Dieters book, to make it even healthier we used turkey instead, it was so tasty. The turkey and ham are in a white wine sauce which I've never made or tried before, and I've never really made anything using filo pastry, so a big tick on the trying something new front.

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