Christmas baking . . .

By 10:44 am ,

Our friends arrived yesterday for our annual 'Fakemas' and after a delicious meal at the Fish Inn in Ringwood, we all headed back to the flat for pudding . . . 

This is a recipe I've been itching to try out for a while and thought it would be a healthy-ish alternative to the Swiss roll, despite the marzipan that it has inside. The jam topping didn't go quite to plan; I couldn't get any fresh cranberries so had to use dried ones, and consequently went quite hard and chewy once the sugar had dissolved. However the loaf looked and tasted good nonetheless.

Jason has been wanting to make a Swiss roll or a roulade for quite some time after watching the Great British Bake off, and decided on a new take on a traditional chocolate Swiss roll, spreading Nutella on the sponge base and then applying whipped cream on top. Next time around we need to be a little more generous with the filling, it was somewhat lacking in this department!

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