Make your own Christmas gift tags . . .

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These are so simple and inexpensive to make - 

What you'll need - 
Cardboard luggage tags - a size that will fit your chosen stamp on comfortably 
Festive coloured Ink pad - I've gone for a Christmassy red, but you can use any colour that you like that corresponds with your wrapping paper. 
Stamp - I picked up this 'Merry Christmas' stamp from Paperchase, a snip at just under £3, however ebay and Etsy are great places to start looking, shop around as they vary greatly in price.
Garden twine - I've found that garden twine seems to work the best with these tags, and is relatively cheap in comparison to ribbons and threads, have a look in local garden centres, there are a range of festive colours available

How it's done - 
1. Ink up your chosen stamp, making sure that all areas are covered.
2. Then simply centralise the stamp above the tag, once happy with the position, stamp the design on to the tag, making sure to press down quite hard.
3. Remove the stamp, and leave to dry for a couple of hours or preferably overnight.
4. Cut the string to the desired length andfold in half, thread the through the luggage tag hole. Pass both ends of the twine through the lop and pull tight.
6. Annnnnd, voila! you have your luggage tag!

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