Food discoveries . . .

By 10:07 am

Whilst we were in Wales I sampled many culinary firsts; my very first (and last!) experience of Nando's, frozen ice cream from Yoo Moo, Macaroons and Goats milk ice cream to name but a few. We were hoping to find some quaint country pubs on our ventures out and about, unfortunately we seemed to be looking in all the wrong places :(

After the not very nice lunch out at Nando's we opted for a Yoo Moo frozen yogurt for pudding, I opted for a strawberry frozen yoghurt with berry compote and strawberries (it tasted just like petit filous), whilst Jason went for brownie and chocolate covered raisins with vanilla yoghurt, not the healthiest of combinations, but tasty none the less!

I've been wanting to try macaroons for ages and when I spotted some I Cardiff we couldn't resist, not exactly what I was expecting but very tasty, with real strawberry filling.

Jason sampling the toffee honeycomb and chocolate varieties . . .

. . . whilst I opted for something a little healthier, rhubarb and ginger and vanilla

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