Cookie Monster Birthday Cake

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It was Jason's birthday on Thursday. We had a lovely morning of relaxing and chilling out watching the Lego movie, not my first choice of film to watch on my day off, but it was better than expected. We then had a great two hour sugar craft session at Sweet Serenity in Westbourne teaching us the basics, this was followed by How to Train Your Dragon 2 at the cinema then off to Koh! for a scrummy dinner, and back home for birthday cake.

I have been planning the birthday cake for quite some time, ever since I got the giant silcone cupcake mould in fact. 

I made some mini Cookie Monster cupcakes for Jason's birthday a few years back, but I wanted to see if they could work just as well using this mould.

I kept it simple making a vanilla sponge, using the additional insert in the base of the cupcake so that there was a cavity inside for some sweet treats (in this case crispy m&m's), I then covered the whole thing in blue frosting followed by dyed blue coconut. I then made the eyes by meting some white chocolate and then pouring the mixture into baking cases and leaving to set, and then placing a large milk chocolate drop in the centre for the pupils.

I also made my own milk chocolate chunk cookies, these came out a little chunkier than expected, in that they didn't quite fit, but after a bit of manoeuvring and careful carving of both the cookie and the cake I managed to get it to stay in place.

Here's the finished result . . .

A semi-devoured Cookie Monster

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